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ManuMoves: in-person, on-demand, live stream


Manu Fernandez Barrio

Born and raised in Germany,

Manu hast studied and performed Jazz/Modern and Hip Hop since the age of 4.

When he was 23 years old he won the green card lottery and was able to fulfill one of his biggest dreams: “Moving to Los Angeles”. Since moving he’s worked with Taylor Swift, Kelis, Amanda Kloots, Equinox, Google, Beachbody, Accenture and Set Active.


With 18 years of experience as a dance and fitness instructor, Manu has taught in Spain,

Switzerland, Germany and throughout the United States.


Dance wherever you are, on your own schedule

Join Manu live on or become a member of ManuMoves on Demand and dance whenever, wherever. You can also join Manu in-Person at different studios throughout Los Angeles.


Cardio Dance

Unplug your treadmill, dump your elliptical and dance with Manu. In this follow
along dance class, you will get the cardio workout you need while having a blast.


With a music
mix of Hip Hop, Pop, Dancehall and EDM that’ll make you forget you’re actually working out.


Dance Conditioning

A mix of dance and resistance training using dumbbells and loop bands to give you a whole body workout within 45 minutes. 


“Throughout "Dance Conditioning" he always shows one, if not several, modifications for each move in case we have back issues or don't want to jump, and if he knows someone has an injury, he gives modifications specific to that person.”

Join Manu in-person.

Manu runs a number of classes and special events. 

"I was so lucky to have met Manu last year at my friend’s house in LA. He was doing a dance class for her birthday and I was ABSOLUTELY blown away, it was sooo much fun and I immediately called my partner to say we needed to find a way to move to LA so that I could continue to take his classes!! We had not ruled out the idea and then lockdown came and I found out he was doing online-classes, I couldn’t have been happier!"



"Manu and his exhilarating concepts "Cardio Dance" and "Dance Conditioning" have taken social media and all our homes by a storm! Is it his eclectic choice of music, rotation of routines that keep you motivated and on your toes or is it just his contagious smile and energy that makes you want to tune in everyday and follow him where ever he goes... my friends and I have create a group called “Manu Groupies” for a reason! I’ve lost 22lbs in 3 months and yes diet is important but so is movement with Manu..." 


Chef Penny Davidi


TV Personality/Celebrity Chef




"Manu is professional, meticulous, and makes himself accessible to all. His classes are always fun because of his positive energy, warmth, and easy to follow along steps. I always recommend him to everyone I know!”


"Manu is pure joy to dance with! If I could make a cloning machine, I’d put in Glitter & Sunshine and tiny Manus would come out. I’d make a billion and the world would be a far lovelier place!"

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